Generations vary

Allison Schneider, News Editor

compiled by Allison Schneider

   Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z are generations in the world we know. As time goes on, it becomes more apparent that there are similarities and differences within their subgroups.

   The Boomers, for example, are the people who were born out of the war being over. They have very traditional beliefs about work, family, and religion, most living in a place where minimum age was something much more liveable.

   The next group, Gen X, still has many similar ideals because of being raised by the previous age. These people get a bad rep for being the “Karen generation.” It seems that most people in this group tend to be more disrespectful to lower-paying jobs, like wait staff.

   What we have found about being raised by this generation is that they coddled us kids, but now are upset with how we don’t know how to do tasks which we were never taught to do. I’ll now move on to the millennial generation who are the “they ruined _____”. (You can fill in the blank to whatever you wish; that’s what most people do anyway.)

   This is where religion starts to become less of a focus. It also is where it seems like many people look for jobs that they enjoy rather than finding a job that can support a family. Most are unable to accept their aging and are beginning to take it out on the younger generations. As for Generation Z, this is where most people our age fall. We have probably experienced the most constant war.

   Due to us constantly surrounded by death and misery, we have blurred the lines of comedy and made “dark humor” much more common. However, we don’t know where to stop and have confused humor with bigotry. We also are the generation where cancel culture has taken its grasp and everyone is attacked for what he/she said 10 years in the past.

   Due to all these differences, there is constant turmoil between everyone. What makes these groups is the time they grew up in; as time has changed, so have the circumstances that people lived through.

   Every generation has had its trouble that made it what it is. Boomers grew up after a large war and most lived in fear of Communism. But as we progress to the later generations, no one lived through such a thing and now openly accept such ideas.

   This fighting between groups will never change though.  We will always want to believe we have had it the hardest or that we are better. The best thing we could do is to use these differences for the better.