Wrestling team recognizes altered State changes

Teagan Harris, Sports Editor

Junior E’owynn Codney is ready to push herself to achieve her goals. (Brylee Davis)

  Events this year are different than they have ever been before. State wrestling is no exception.

   On top of having limited spectators, there is also a new limit on participants. Only eight wrestlers from the boys team and eight from the girls team will be able to qualify this year, according to coach Tim Johnson.

   This is a drastic cut from the old 16 people that used to be allowed.

   This new rule makes it much more difficult for the teams in this league to get their wrestlers the chance they might deserve to go to State. The athletes recognize that they may have to work more than before.

   Coach Johnson said, “It is going to be harder. It’s going to be harder, and our boys and girls are going to have to be stronger.”

   Along with a limit on wrestlers themselves, there is also a limit on when the athletes can begin warming up outside a separate area for their team.

   As far as they know, they will have to social distance possible in totally different room than the mats are set up. Wrestlers will be allowed to leave to warm up barely three matches before their own.

   Some wrestlers have mentioned a coach not being able to watch matches.

   Alongside the limit on wrestlers, there is a new limit on cheerleaders too. Only five will be let in; that is a problem for the current six cheerleaders.

   BHS will evolve with the rules.