Students remember best, worst P.E. class activities

Brylee Huber, Editor

Junior Brock Zimmerman demonstrates proper technique when doing a bench press during his Weights class. Eventually everyone will compete to see who can lift the most pounds. (Brylee Davis)

  Physical Education is a requirement in nearly every high school. It provides exercise and exercise knowledge, as well as weeks of sexual education.

   Aside from the learning components, there are many games that student’s play. Here are their opinions on the most popular and most infamous activities.

   Junior Sam Smith said, “Mat ball and badminton are some games that I miss the most. I didn’t like Steal the Bacon or hockey at all though, but every other game was really fun.”

   Mat ball, as described by students, is a kickball/baseball combination. There are four large plush mats that act as bases, and people kick a ball instead of using a bat.

   Steal the Bacon is played with a belt of velcro flags. A number of people is called out to fetch a ball, but if your flags are all pulled, you are out of the round.

   Freshman Owen Yokum said, “I have missed playing games such as Pac-Man. There wasn’t any game that I hated.”

   Pac-Man is not only a video arcade game, but it is also a game played on the basketball court.

   Students are designated as a ghost or as Pac-Man. All students have to stay on the lines painted on the court, and Pac-Man attempts to “eat,” or tag, all of the ghosts.

   Bella Fiedler, senior, said, “I hate pillow ball. I just hate it. We played it so often freshman year that I just got sick of it. We had to play every day.”

   Pillow ball is played with a soft, large bat and a soft dodgeball. It is similar to baseball in every other way.

   Many students also shared a common favorites list of badminton, dodgeball, roller skating, and pickle ball.