Musical group brings unique people together

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

Burlington is home to a variety of groups that all celebrate the performing arts. One of these is band, of course, and the other is choir.

   According to the instructor, William Bostic, there are nine members of the singing group. They have class second hour every morning

   Right now, the choir is preparing to perform in the Winter Concert for BHS. They were going to sing at the retirement home in Burlington, but due to Covid regulations they were unable to do that activity.   

   As long as Mr. Bostic has been here, they have not competed in many activities. However, they do plan on performing in the spring for ratings so long as Covid is under control by then.

   He has stated that all the  members of the group have stood out well.

   “When you have nine people, it can be quiet, but everyone stands up and sings,” he said.

   He also enjoys how everyone in the group is super goofy.

   Junior MJ Huff is a member of the choir. One activity that she enjoys greatly is the breathing challenge. Basically, the group breathes in for two counts, and then breathes out for as long as they can.

   She also explained that the group is unique due to their small size.