Social media app greatly influences fashion


Senior Chloe Medlock stars in a Tik Tok. (PHOTO: B. Davis)

Emmy Furman, Ad Manager

   Every generation generates new style trends. From the bell bottoms from the 70s, to the low-rise skinny jeans from the 2000s, each decade brings new fashion statements.

   However, Generation Z has a different source of their fashion trends. TikTok has taken the fashion industry by storm.

   New and old trends have been made popular by the app, and teens are getting a lot of their outfit ideas from this source.

   Many students at BHS have found themselves loving looks on TikTok. Whether they wear them in public, or just enjoy the styles from behind the screen, every one has been taking part in the trends. Senior Addison Varvel said, “I feel like the definition of trendy has changed because of the app.”

   Senior Libby Stadel finds herself gaining inspiration from time to time. “I save some videos I see and feel more educated on fashion,” she said.

   Other students have also loved trends from the app, but have not been able to find the clothes that they are looking for.

   Junior Cade Criqui says, “I love the five-inch inseam shorts, but they are sold out everywhere because TikTok made them so popular.”

   Junior Kylyn Allen also has found styles that she likes, but feels like she cannot expand her closet. “The trends are expensive, and I am broke,” she said.

   Some students feel like the media has given them confidence in their own style. Seniors Chloe Medlock and Sammi Cofer feel more comfortable wearing what they want.

   “TikTok has made me feel better about wearing baggy clothes. I like wearing more gender-neutral styles now,” Chloe said.

   Sammi agrees. “I wear more of what I want because I see other people are too. It definitely has boosted my confidence,” she said.

   Junior Kylie Stevenson has also been influenced by TikTok fashion. She likes to wear a lot of undershirts under her hoodies and sweatshirts. “The app has kind of given modesty a comeback,” she said.

   Many students agree that their style can be labeled as “alt.” This term was also popularized by the app. Senior Bella Fiedler mentioned, “The whole E-girl trend started getting noticed because of TikTok.”

   Sophomore Teagan Harris loves the alt inspiration that the media has introduced her to. “It makes me happy to see it, and it also makes me happy to wear it,” she said.

   Freshman Kaitlyn Noonan also has been getting into alt styles because of TikTok. She even has gotten an eyebrow slit after seeing it on the app. She loves the darker colors, baggy shirts, and dark skirts.

   Other BHS students think that many of the trends are becoming too mainstream. Junior Cody Wilson is one. When asked about his hair, he said that the app actually did not inspire it. “X inspired my hair,” he said.

   Cody believes that many styles have been over-done because of TikTok.

   Media has always played a huge part in the fashion industry. Whether you get inspiration from your favorite celebrities, or the latest trends on TikTok, one can agree that styles are currently being accepted.

   “Except mullets. We don’t like those. Unless you are Miley Cyrus,” Chloe said.