Religious organization helps develop student character


Paige Akers addresses the group at an AM meeting. (PHOTO: Harley Alford)

Seth Jarvis, News

   Burlington High School is home to many different groups and activities. One of these is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

   According to sponsor Doug Vander Linden, there are 30 people in the club. The captain is senior Taven Allen. The secretary is senior Caedon Berkenmeir. The treasurer is senior Braden Sloyer. The student council representatives are juniors Josie Stadel and Cooper Carlson. The promoters are seniors Chloe Medlock and Damon Hoback.

   The FCA runs many events throughout the year. They include the Fifth Quarters, Fields of Faith, cosponsoring back to school prayers, See You At the Pole, and Christian Concerts.

   The group meets twice per month, once at 7:00 AM during the first Thursday of the month and another time during CAP activity time.

   This group benefits the lives of many students, according to Braden.

   “Students that come to the meeting and fields of faith feel more positive about their day and about the school.”

   Along with this, he thinks students who are honest and outgoing make very good members of this group because they mesh so well.                                  

   Junior Paige Akers is a member of the club. She believes that the group brings the community together through activities such as Fields of Faith.

   She also stated that it provides a place for people to put aside their differences and unite.   

   She also explained that they get donuts every meeting. She quite enjoys that sweet snack.

   This group certainly provides quite a bit for the school.

   The members of it all work hard to make it successful.