BHS staff, students suggest new courses

BHS staff, students suggest new courses

Allison Schneider, News

   Burlington offers a relatively vast array of classes that one could chose from. There are some students who have some suggestions on additional courses they would like to see added to the buffet.

   Junior Deric Cole suggested a ceramics class. Essentially, this course would deal with the making of pottery.

   One uses a peddle to spin and eventually create a pot. Deric took this class at Lawrence Free State, and he described the course as difficult, but also fun.

   Senior Glori Hammye wishes the school had more languages. She would personally enjoy a Greek or Latin course.

   “I think it would be really helpful in the business world, as it shows you have expertise in areas where others do not. Mandarin would be really helpful for this aspect, too. “

   Junior Jacee Marchant also wants to see new languages added. One of her main interests is French.

   Sophomore Madison Hawley wishes BHS had a robotics or STEAM class. It would be similar in structure to the one offered in the middle school.

   “…I think there are a lot of students who want to go into engineering, and the hands-on portion wold help them,” she elaborated about the potential class.

   Senior Drue Thorp believes an agriculture  business course would be very helpful to people in the school. It would teach ag kids the essentials of business and what they would need to do to get one started.

   Economics is one that senior Sam Griffin wants to see. He had an hour similar to it in his old school.

   “Economics, not just business, but the full study of it. How money works and how the economy works. Theories of class.”

   Guidance counselor Donna Bolen went over exactly how a new course gets added to the school.

   “Typically, it comes from a teacher. They say they want a new class, and then Mr. Reed approves it, if it works. Then they write up a description of the class to attract students.”

   Some limitations in getting new classes added are a lack of student interest, or teachers not having an hour available to teach it.

   There have been quite a few new classes added over the last decade.

   They include Coffey Shop History, Current World Affairs, Principles of Tech, Algebra 3, Applied Math, and Accounting, along with the other business classes.