Ancient haircut returns


Three like-minded students show off their majestic follicles in the hallway. (PHOTO: Harley Alford)

Abby Crutchfield, Editorials

    Once upon a time in the 1980s, the mullet hairstyle became popular. Then, for some reason, it disappeared for about 40 years. However, lately the style has reappeared all over America.

   Although it is getting popular again, there are still a bunch of people that can not stand the do. “It’s kind of like you got a haircut scheduled but left halfway through,” says sophomore Lisa Summers.

   So, if there are so many people out there that dislike these, why do people still get them? “I just think they’re cool” is what sophomore Wayne Rohrer said when asked why he started growing his.

   “I have one because my mom hates it,” says sophomore Owen McManus. He also said he has wanted one since he was in eighth grade.

   Junior Mitchell Broyles started growing his because BHS alumni Ethan Totty told him to, when he was a freshman. Mitchell plans to have one until next wrestling season.

   Junior Tanner Noonan recently started growing his. He simply yelled, “Full send or no send! Yee Yee!” and ran off.

   There are two different types of mullets: punk and country. Sophomore Madison Hawley explained that the difference was how the they are cut, their length, and their curliness. Junior Jacee Marchant says, “Country mullets are out, but punk mullets are in,”

   The latter are more popular in bigger cities. They are usually worn by people in punk-rock bands. On the other hand, country style mullets are prevalent in rural areas such as Burlington.

   No matter the trendyness, there are still people that despise all of them. Junior Paige Akers says that she does not hate the do, just very strongly dislikes them. “I would never date a guy with a mullet unless Jesus himself came down and set us up,” she says.

   Another example of this is sophomore Amanda Harris, who says, “Getting a mullet is almost worse than cutting your own bangs!”