Musical students noted for dedication to craft

Allison Schneider, Entertainment Editor

The Wildcat marching band performs at the fall Homecoming parade. This is one of their two street marching performances. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)

 Students participating in band and vocal show a level of commitment that many students not involved do not recognize.

   For being a class during the school day, many hours get put in out of school for this.

   Band currently has 34 people participating and there are 10 in choir.

   At the moment, band is the only class out of the two that offers leadership roles. Student have the chance to be drum major, a section leader, and a secretary.

   The band so far in the year has performed at football games with their halftime show, basketball games, marching competitions, and a concert.

   The choir has performed at a concert but has more ahead.

   Both classes have competitions they participate in. For band its marching and concert band events. Individuals also have the chance to audition for honor ensemble and play for ratings at solo and ensemble.

  To band and choir teacher, William Bostic, many students in both classes jump out to him as extraordinary.

   “They are always going the extra step and putting themselves out there,” he explains.

   These classes, as well as having great talent, exhibit such pride. Band members show up to every home basketball and football game to cheer on and play for the team. They are always there to try and get the crowd hyped up.

   Not only do they have great pride, the drive of both classes is impressive to him. Both meet daily and work hard in that time. All the students want to get better and want to put on the best performance they can, and it shows.

   Band students meet even more than just in school. They have a week-long band camp in the summer to hopefully teach the freshmen all the marching skills and get a kick start on learning their show for the year.