Jojo Rabbit tops junior’s film list

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

   A lot of really good movies came out in 2019. My favorite, however, was a film about a child Nazi with his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler. This is my review of Jojo Rabbit. 

   This movie has a very weird plot. Essentially, it is about a 10-year-old named Jojo who is living in the final years of Nazi Germany. Jojo is part of the Hitler Youth and practically worships the Nazi Party. However, he discovers that his mom is hiding a Jewish girl named Elsa.  With this, Jojo starts to learn why his ideology is wrong.

   This film is incredibly funny. There were multiple jokes told that made me absolutely die with laughter. The humor got pretty dark at times, which isn’t really surprising to me seeing as it is about the Third Reich.

   In addition, this movie is incredibly heartfelt. This movie is able to balance out the humor with more emotional moments. This does cause the tone of the movie to be a little weird at times, but it works out in the end.

   One of the best aspects of the movie was watching the relationship between Jojo and Elsa develop.  The chemistry these two characters have is great, and their relationship becomes a core part of the movie.

   Another one of the best parts was the mom in the movie. She is incredibly funny and also very sweet. Her and Jojo’s relationship was a very well-developed one.

   Every single character in the movie was great. They are all very unique and add a lot of layers to the movie.

   I think my personal favorite was Captain K, the head of the Hitler Youth group. There is a lot more  going on with him than meets the eye.

   All of the performances in this movie are great. Scarlett Johansson was wonderful as the mother. Roman Griffin Davis played Jojo and he did an epic job .

   In the end, I think you should watch this movie. It is completely hilarious and also incredibly emotional. This movie is a solid 10/10.