Wildcats view rivalries as good, bad

Seth Jarvis, Editor in chief

Burlington competes against a wide variety of schools across Kansas. There are some, however, that BHS has strong rivalries with.
Senior Delani Nichols believes that Anderson County is one of the strongest opponents for the Wildcats. She thinks this is due to a large amount of social media sparring between the two schools.
“My class dislikes Osawatomie the most. In sports, they play very dirty…I feel like it is a good thing for us because it makes us happier when we win,” explained senior Andrew Hashelhuhn.
Junior Drue Thorp declared that Wellsville is the greatest rival that Burlington faces. A worthy adversary unites the school and keeps everyone’s spirit up.
“I think it is a good thing because it keeps the student section engaged,” sophomore Elliott Burns noted, after being asked what he thought of “enemies.”
There are times, however, where rivalries can go too far. Michael Vander Linden, head wrestling coach, elaborated that it is never good when someone is trying to hurt someone. However, he has never faced this problem as a coach.

Dave Watkins, athletic director, also has not seen a rivalry go too far. He explained that this is because the kids here are great, and the school has tried not to lower ourselves to that level.
He added that, when Burlington plays one of its greatest rivals, performance always improves.
“It causes the school to rally together. It is my job and the school’s to keep it healthy, “ he noted.
Burlingtonians enjoy having rivals to compete against. However, they do not want anything to get ugly.