Building sizes differ

Caedon Berkenmeier, Sports Editor

The United States holds many different sizes of communities which have different sizes of schools.   

   Schools can range from 100 to 5,000 total students, which makes educational buildings very distinct from one another.

   Junior Braedon Berkenmeier, who came from a school consisting of over 4,000 kids, said, “The halls were like a mosh pit, and you would get rammed if you stood still.”

   He also said that even though there were tons of kids, it came with its benefits. “Since there were so many kids, I was able to have even more friends.”

   One thing Braedon really enjoyed was the rotating schedule and having eight periods. “It gave us the chance to finish work and have less homework because we had a free period and at least one study hall.”

   Braedon said that the sports were much different in a bigger school. “You could participate in hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and much more.”

   Another student who went to a larger education system, junior Allie Schneider, said, “At that school we had little communication with the other classes, so you were really only became close with your own class.”

   On the other side, junior Sam Griffin attended a private school, which contained only 80 students.

   He said, “The community was not as involved as Burlington’s because it was a private school and there were five other schools in the town.”

   Also, he said that it did not offer many classes and sports. “I had to go to a different school to play football.”

Braedon Berkenmeier stands by the marquee of a much smaller school than the one he previously attended. (PHOTO: Brylee Davis)