There’s nothing wrong with tech college

Brylee Huber, News Editor

   “The diversity of programs keeps growing all the time. No matter what your passion may be, from HVAC training to aircraft maintenance school, there is the perfect program for you in a technical college,” said

   There has been an explosion of people going to college, but recent studies have shown that more students should be focused on tech-related schools than academic institutes.

   As listed, going to technology schools are better financially, have small classes, and have higher graduation rates.

   As for the financial aspect, vocational schools cost an average total of $33,000, whereas a full bachelors degree ends up costing over $127,000.

   It is also important to note, according to, that skilled trade jobs are in desperate need of being filled.

   Junior Ag student Lily Rolf said, “I plan to go to tech school because I don’t want to waste my time [at a regular college], especially if I just plan to go into the work force.”

   Many people from the generation known as Baby Boomers are retiring and leaving over one-third of the jobs vacant.

   The problem? So many Generation X and Millennials are going to academic colleges that there are not enough people to fill those open positions also said, “A talent  shortage survey conducted in 2009 revealed the nation’s most sought-after workers; the top three slots went to electricians, carpenters/joiners, and welders – all skilled trades.”

   It is not an issue with finances or job availability, so why are so many people ignoring these important careers?

   A quote from Erin Funk found on might clear things up. “I am finding as I talk about this that there is an attitude out there that the only reason you would go to a vo-tech is if there’s some kind of problem at a traditional school.”

   This is not the only person who has said similar things to this. Many U.S. citizens frown upon tech school attendees, for they see it as an institute for students who could not get into a four-year college.

   According to senior Ag student Kenyon Duffy, “Tech school is marvelous.  Students can get a job in the field they want to pursue.  Also, I do not enjoy sitting in desks for hours.”

   Tech schools are behind in their enrollment, but the empty jobs will only be filled if people change that with their prejudiced way of thinking.