Older siblings share opinions of having siblings in building

Emmy Furman, Editor

   For some students at BHS, escaping the trials and tribulations of their home is harder than others. This is due to their siblings attending the same school.

   Many can agree that they wish that there was at least a small escape from their family.

   A lot of younger siblings feel the need to live up to the expectations of the oldest. One of these is sophomore Madison Dalby.

   “People expect me to be just like Mckenzie,” she said. Teachers sometimes believe that sisters are exactly the same, and reputations can be hard to live up to.

   On the other side, being the older sister or brother can be equally as bad. Senior Mckenzie Dalby also has an opinion.

   “It is helpful at times, but mostly it is annoying because Madison watches everything I do.”

   Many older siblings express the same sentiment. Junior Aleesia Hernandez feels as if she is babysitting at school, but without being paid.

   Senior Katie Mefford agrees that seeing her brother here makes her want to graduate even faster, “but  I still love him.”

   Some siblings do not mind having a relative at school; in fact, some say it is helpful.

   Sophomore Josie Stadel enjoys having Libby around. “It is nice sometimes; she is pretty cool.”

   Junior Seth Jarvis does not see his sister very often, as they are in different classes, but when he does, they like to joke around.

  Occasionally their at-home rivalries will continue at school, like who loves Goldie [dog] and their other pets more.

   Junior Elijah Caldwell also does not mind seeing his twin brother at school. “It does not bother me,” he said. “It is just the same person I shared the room with for nine months.”