Burlington Honor Society focuses on community work

Seth Jarvis, Editor

   Across the school, there are a lot of clubs that seek to improve the community and the students within them. National Honor Society is one of those groups in Burlington.

   The president is senior Topainga Hernandez, the vice-president is senior McKenzie Dalby, the secretary is senior Jalyn Griffith, the treasurer is senior Andrew Haselhuhn, and the Stuco representative is senior Delani Nichols. There are a total of 34 members in the organization.

   According to sponsor Sam Samuelson, NHS does a wide variety of activities through the year. They tutor at the grade school, pick up trash around Highway 75, sponsor a family at Christmas, and sell Boo Bags.

   Another thing NHS runs is “Pennies for Patients.” This is a campaign to raise money for cancer victims. The goal is usually to raise $2000 dollars for the organization.

   All members of NHS are expected to get around 30 hours of community service. They can do this by volunteering to help out the community in a variety of ways.

   Mr. Samuelson explained that he believes that all students who are a part of NHS have to stand out. They are leaders of the school.

   He also said that good members of NHS work to follow the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

   Topainga believes that good members of NHS communicate well, have good teamwork, and have integrity.

   “It gives them something else to do for their time; it makes a lot of us look good and feel better,” she added.

   She also stated the club works to make the community cleaner and do the jobs that no one else wants to do.