Readers of BHS already have many things planned

Brylee Huber, News Editor

   Book Club has many great reads planned for this year.

   First, they have already completed the novel Dear Evan Hansen, and many people have spoken highly of the story.

   Currently, they are reading The Raven Boys, a fantasy novel that fans of both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson recommend. The meeting for this discussion was held on Oct. 17, led by sponsor Diane Marshall.

   Speaking of boys, the gender ratio has increased. Usually, the BHS book club is filled with girls, but some boys have joined as well.

   No matter their sex, members of this group are excited for the upcoming stories.

   For the students who are not interested, or too busy, for reading, there are many options for audiobooks.

   BHS offers different apps that specifically correlate to Book Clubs current list, but YouTube also has thousands of stories with no ads.

   Junior Allie Schneider said, “I’ve been so busy with homework, I haven’t been able to read. The audiobooks let me do homework while also listening to the story.”

   This club also is one of the few that is not based around building a resume. Book Club is specifically for students who love to read and want to talk about it, she said.

   Besides the obvious events that take place in a club for reading, people also enjoy the delicious desserts offered in the morning.

   No matter someone’s gender or reading level, Book Club is for all.