Art Club gets ready for another exciting year

Brylee Huber, News Editor


Natalie Spangenberg, BHS Art Club sponsor, has a lot planned for this year.

   First, the entire group will be reverse tie dying t-shirts. This means that they will be taking solid color shirts and creating designs using bleach.

   Art Club is also planning on doing some rather interesting projects.

   Although it is not definite, Mrs. Spangenberg has thrown out the idea of using a steamroller to make giant print art.

   Some other workshops, like painting techniques, are also being considered.

   There have been suggestions of a Bob Ross painting party, a pumpkin-carving session, and a day for making pottery bowls. What would you like to do in Art Club?

   Some of these will even serve as future fund raisers. Similar to last year, Art Club will be selling the bowls they make and filling them with soup.

   They will also be doing concessions and face painting to raise money for scholarships.

   Almost everything that is raised is used for rewards for senior members of Art Club, but it has not always been this way.

   Mrs. Spangenberg said, “For the first two years, we weren’t able to give any money, but just last year we gave two $450 scholarships.”

   Overall, this club is focused on preparing students for college life.