Dance, flags needed

Rose Wahlmeier, Editor-in-Chief

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There are two groups that this school is currently missing: a flag corps and a dance team.
Where did these go? Flag was coached by Russell Murray in years past. They performed with the band.
We still have the flags; why not reinstate this? It may be a money issue, or it might be that no one wants to coach it.
However, I know that there are girls in this school who wish this was a thing again.
Dance team is something that is becoming more popular every year. The cheerleaders do a very good job of dancing at Homecoming, but they shouldn’t have to dance.
If there was an actual performing group, we would have a dance each home game.
It might be possible that Michelle Vander Linden could coach the cheerleaders along with a this team…if she wanted.  or maybe it could be an outside group (like book club), so the school doesn’t have to pay anyone.
This would save this school money, by not having to hire a new person. There are many girls who are active at Bri’s Dance Studio.
Several dancers exist within this school. Why shouldn’t they show off their talents while supporting BHS?
Both of these activities, I think, would really help students get more involved.
I hope that the administration takes this into consideration as we go through the school year.
Also, these groups will lead to college scholarships and might be popular for those who aren’t on a sports team.

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