Students attend college classes at BHS

Rose Wahlmeier, News Editor

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Dual Credit(KS) Grant Shell and Lexi Rychlec read for their Introduction to Literature class.  (PHOTO:  K. Schwartz)


by Rose Wahlmeier
Many students of BHS have taken advantage of Allen County’s college classes…to good and bad effect.
Junior Christian Isch said, “It helps to save money by getting a scholarship and getting some education out of the way early.”
She continued, “There are many negatives to taking these classes.”
For example, you have homework on top of your school work. You also need to know your major early, so you can pick the classes you need.”
Senior Taylor Withers said that it is nice that the credits will transfer to the college you attend.
Unfortunately, some will not transfer, like Basic Nutrition which  is only accepted by specific colleges.
Still, Taylor said, “I like the small class sizes. This way the teacher can help you if needed.”
One of the things she did not like was that she felt they were not getting as much information as they would in college.
Allen County also offers online courses. Students can have an hour in their schedule to work on these.
It is possible to attain with your associates degree from Allen County by the time you graduate. Several BHS students are completing this task.
This reporter will have plans to have 65 credit hours by the time she graduates next year.
This means she will begin her pre-nursing major as a junior at K-State, but she is confident in her career choice, so this is not an issue for her, as it might be for other BHS students who are not so decisive.

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