Anti-destructive decisions organization proves to be joyful

Marisa Haselhuhn, Editor in Cheif

Sadd (as) ONLINEWhat teen association deals with harmful choices that schools may make?


Students Against Destructive Decisions is a club dedicated to promoting positive life choices.

According to president Ashleigh Lawson, junior, this club has about 30 members, including various officers, though, not the stereotypical ones.

The president, as already stated, is Ashleigh, and the vice president is junior Malorie Wagner. These are pretty standard positions.

However, there are also two club photographers, who are juniors Maci Farthing and Kalynn Iseman,

There is also a project representative, who is senior Courtney Seever.

While this organization does not compete, they do several activities throughout the year.

Some include a car wash, a candle-selling fundraiser, and a Mock Disaster.

There is also an Easter egg hunt at the elementary school, and a Red Ribbon Week.

The Mock Disaster is commonly before Prom.

This is where the club simulates a car crash on Prom night. It is to show teens to be smart with their choices when driving to and from the dance.

During Red Ribbon Week, the club does several activities to promote the importance of living a drug-free life.

“We make sure to stand out and be the best during Red Ribbon Week,” said Ashleigh.

SADD meets once a month during homeroom. If you are interested in joining, see Ashleigh for details.