Senior students long to give advice to past selves

by Courtney Goetz
At some point in your life, you will look back and think, “Oh God. Why did I do that?” In that moment you will gain wisdom and maturity.
If you could give your freshman self some advice, what would it be? Several seniors here at BHS were asked this question, and here are their answers.
First, when Bryna Huber moved to Burlington she was ill-prepared. She says she wishes to tell her young self to “get ready because they’re weird.”
Sarcastically, Connor Jeffers replied to her and told her she should fit right in. In regards to himself, Connor would say, “Don’t listen to the seniors.”
Also, Connor says he would tell classmate Garrison Fiedler to play tougher defense.
A common piece of advice was to not procrastinate, and, along those lines, Tyson Breshears says he wishes his freshman self knew that his GPA actually matters.
Similarly, Cameron Shilling says to always make sure your homework is done. You do not want to fall behind in your classes because if you do well, it only gets better from freshman year.
Brandon Alford agrees that freshman year, though it might not be the hardest, it is certainly the worst in his opinion. He says though it gets better in social aspects, the course work does get more challenging.
TJ Lang made a very valid point when saying that he wishes he could tell his freshman self to not hold back, to cherish the moments with your teammates, coaches, and friends.
“I would tell my freshman self to do what you want with the life that has been given to you,” he says.
Another good piece of advice came from Kerestin Beaty. She says do not be afraid to pursue your interests. It may seem scary but what matters is doing what you enjoy.
In the same vein, Jessica Hegg wishes to warn her freshman self of her peers.
“Don’t let what your friends say control you,” she would say. Dawson Mast agrees with this. His opinion was to do activities that you personally enjoy.
Ashley Dowd makes a good argument when she says a freshman must beware of getting too involved. Being over-involved can be overwhelming and stressful on a student.
Comically, Mitch Taylor says he wishes he knew how awkward he would be. At a whopping seven foot, life can sometimes seem a bit off.
Whitney Wonser says she would let herself know that it is okay to wear sweat pants whenever you want.
Abby Hammye says she wishes she could let her young, naïve self know that she does not need to date in high school. Anna Hughes agrees. She says she would tell herself to know your worth and to stand your ground.
Ally Ledom also regrets not having more guts her freshman year saying,
“I wish I was not so scared of everyone.”
Likewise, Jenna Adsitt wishes she had talked to more people. She says that people are a lot nicer than they appear.
As you can see, it is clear that there are many things a senior wishes he/she could tell his/her past self, but, sadly, one cannot change the past. It is too late for seniors now, but, hopefully this advice will help incoming freshman in their high school endeavors.

Casey Withers
Whitney Wonser stays comfy, wearing sweat pants during school.