Staff, students share solitary silliness

Courtney Goetz, Sports Editor

   All people have at least one quirk they do when no one is watching. Whether it is dancing in the mirror or singing in the shower, humans all do odd actions when they are alone. Getting caught can either be comforting or completely embarrassing, but no one should feel like a “weirdo” because everyone has their moments.

   For example, junior Grace Kuhlmann, was dancing in her bathroom mirror to “This Is Me” from the new movie The Greatest Showman, but things did not go quite well for her.

   “I tried to do something cool, but then ‘it’ happened,” she says. While she was filming her bathroom dance session, she kicked her leg and nailed it right on a trash can and almost fell over. Luckily for her Snapchat friends she decided to post the accident on her story with the dance fail.

   Senior Kylie Engel also says she  enjoys dancing in her mirror. Another private action of hers is doing yoga in her bed. It helps her to relax and fall asleep.

   When senior Tucker Whitworth gets into his bed at night, he makes sure to take a large leap onto the mattress. He would like to avoid all monsters hiding under his bed, if possible.

   As well, Christina Peters, sophomore, would not dare sleep with a limb hanging off her bed because someone might snatch it.

   One unique trait of freshman Brylee Huber is, when attending a Disney production, she wears heels to the movie theater.

   “It makes me feel like a Disney princess,” she says.

   Her sister, senior Bryna Huber, enjoys sculpting her hair into shapes while she showers. Her most notorious ‘doo is the George Washington.

   Like Bryna, senior Anna Hughes admits to doing squats in the shower. She must keep her body looking fine.

   English teacher Michael Vander Linden gets a good laugh at himself when he shaves his beard.

   “I create designs in it, but then I shave it all off,” he says. “No one wants to see that.”

   Fellow English teacher, Sandy Loucks, says she practices her lectures in the car but, when she stops at an intersection across from an oncoming car, she either pretends to be singing or speaking to the midget beside her.

   One more thing many creative-minded people do when no one is looking takes place in the kitchen. Whether a person was six or sixteen, at some point he/she played “cooking show” and talked through the steps of a recipe to a live studio audience while cooking dinner. Brylee admits she does it.

   Another popular subject of embarrassment is singing. Several students said they sing when they are alone, but would not want to be caught dead being heard.

   “I sing at the pool sometimes,” says sophomore Dakota Jesse. She was caught one day by a patron walking in.

   Junior Cassidy Isch says she sings to herself in public, but it is very awkward for her when someone catches a few notes in his/her ears.

   It is also common for people to talk to themselves in their head. Megan Sayler, sophomore, admits she does it all the time. On the other hand, junior Alli Dunlop says she has these conversations out-loud.

   BHS alumni, Madison Anderson, told Alli, “It’s okay if you talk to yourself, but it’s bad whenever you reply.” Unfortunately, Alli says she replies every time.

   Anna Kitchen, junior, says sometimes in public she cannot refrain from picking her wedgie, but she

fears any witnesses catching her in the act.

   One student, junior Jaleigh Conkle, says she sits upside-down on the couch when no one is home.

   When science teacher Mark Engel is in the kitchen by himself, he sneaks a swig of milk straight out of the jug. He knows it is a felony to drink from the carton, so he makes sure he is not caught by his wife or daughter.

   As you can see, everyone does little, weird actions when no one is watching, so don’t ever feel you need to hide your true self. No