BHS infrastructure sees many new updates

Jeffrey Stewart, Ad Manager

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BHS’s infrastructure was recently  upgraded. Not only that, but more faculty has been added, and entire rooms renovated.

   According to principal Stacy Reed, this is just the first step. He wants to be able to rebuild or replace the infrastructure in BHS so our school will last for future generations.

   “More changes are coming next year.”

   He said these upgrades will be focusing mainly on the library, getting new books, installing new bookshelves, and more.

   In relatively minor changes, the floors in industrial arts, vocational agriculture, and Heather Garner’s room  was redone.

   In addition, many areas have been repainted.

   The cafeteria also got an upgrade, as new equipment was installed.  According to the cafeteria ladies, the plumbing was redone, as well as the electrical system.

   A new refrigerator was also installed.

   “We’re also in the process of getting a new steamer, which we’ll use for vegetables and pasta,” said Diana Hess.  Also, they have new kettles.

   Furthermore, the old kitchen floor was in desperate need of an upgrade. “Whoever did it did not do a very good job,” they said.

   The new floor, however, is textured, and they are very pleased with it. Hopefully this will prevent any injuries or accidents in the cafeteria.

   For those in theater, it is being improved as well. According to Mr. Reed, new carpets and curtains were installed.

   Furthermore, the motherboard for controlling the lights and the lights themselves will be redone in the next few  months.  Currently, they have bids for them but are waiting approval.

   The school board must approve any major purchases, so the school must attempt to find the best deal for items, and put bids out on them before they are purchased. Hence the wait for the lights.

   In terms of new faculty members, Mrs. Garner, and Jamie Cox are  special education educators.

   Julie Carden is teaching Vocational Agriculture; Diane Marshall is the new librarian and media specialist.

   This has allowed the library to remain open all day, and now students can come in whenever they need to checkout book or whatever else they need. This is a major upgrade from last year, where the library was only open for a few hours out of the day.

   Furthermore, a new security system was installed in the front door and the side door next to the band room.  This is a push by the school board to make the school safer. This is done by insuring that the office knows everyone who walks in the building because of the camera by the door.

   Also new to BHS, the science wing is in the process of a complete facelift and remodel.

   As Mark Engel, science teacher, often says, he cannot wait to be in the new science wing. The labs will make teaching easier, as well as it will prepare students better for college.

   This is just the tip of the iceberg in changes occurring at BHS. Who knows what this school will look like in four years.

Diane Marshall, BMS/BHS librarian, shelves novels. (PHOTO: S. Unruh)

A construction contractor uses a tape measure to determine if the new lab tables will fit in Mark Engel’s new classroom. (PHOTO: Sarah Unruh)

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BHS infrastructure sees many new updates