New sport takes Burlington by storm

Rose Wahlmeier, News Editor

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Cooper Longboards

Cooper Longboards

Tiah Longboarding

People have been discovering more new things every day. The latest trend at Burlington High School is longboarding. This activity is also called sidewalk surfing. Many surfers enjoy skateboarding because it gives them “the feel of the waves.” Thie sport started in Hawaii and spread into California. Many snowboarders enjoy the longboard because it resembles the winter board. Tiah Ditto, senior, found out about it from tumblr. She also follows some youtubers who post a lot of pictures of themselves doing it. Tiah saw the boards in an online store called zumiez. Just like normal sidewalk action, there are risks involved. “It is very easy to fall off the board,” says Tiah. Because you ride on concrete, you can get cuts, scrapes, and possibly a broken bone. According to Tiah, Kelley Park is a good place to ride. She also likes to skate around in her big parking lot. Tiah finds it easier to longboard rather than skateboard. ‘The former’s wheels are a lot smoother than skateboards,” she says. They come in different sizes. Normally, they are longer than the skateboard. The sizes have different names. The penny and nickel are some examples. Tiah personally enjoys the nickel board the most. This is because the board is not too short, and not too long. They are not made out of the same material as skateboards. This is another personal like that she has. The longboard is composed of several layers of maple, bamboo, birch, koa, and oak. It has bigger wheels, too. This is said to make a much smoother ride. A good, reliable longboard costs between $150-225. Tiah is not the only Burlington kid that has found this interesting sport. Seniors Destini Lou, Jesse Bittner, Cooper Whitworth, Brady Nordstedt, and James Beyer also enjoy the sport. If you enjoy skateboarding or snowboarding, longboarding could be your next hobby. Cooper just started this activity during the previous summer. His brother, Tucker (freshman) had a longboard, and he wanted to do something with him. “I’m getting ready to leave for college, and I may not see him for a long time. We are the only two guys in the family, so we have to stick together.” Cooper attempted the hill at Redmond, while Landon Thacker videotaped it. He “ate it” very badly, although they never put it on YouTube. “I’m thinking about posting it.” Cooper has mastered zero tricks; however, he does not fall so much anymore. (PHOTOS: Courtesy & Noah Parker)

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