Classes have changed due to COVID protocol

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

October 21, 2020

   This school year is one of the more unique ones in Burlington’s history. Teachers have had to make quite a few changes to adapt to the pandemic, space-wise.    History teacher Chris Varvel had to make some very extreme alterations to his room. The layout of his was comp...

Jojo Rabbit tops junior’s film list

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

March 11, 2020

   A lot of really good movies came out in 2019. My favorite, however, was a film about a child Nazi with his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler. This is my review of Jojo Rabbit.     This movie has a very weird plot. Essential...

Enthusiast shares reasons to start running

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

February 14, 2020

You know, I really love running. I think it is an excellent activity for both entertainment and health. Here is why I think  you, the reader, should start running.    Now, I know it can be very hard to get started. Running ca...

U.S.A. in need of reformation: suggestions, opinions

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

January 27, 2020

   I think it’s time for America to be reformed. It’s had a good run for the past 1,776 years, but time has caused this great land to enter into an unfortunate state. Here is my plan to completely change the United State...

Male editor dominates

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

November 26, 2019

I am the superior editor. I am smarter, faster, stronger, and so much morer than Emmy. Anyone who denies this is either lying to themselves, or just no muy inteligente.     First, my editorials are always better. Where else will you lear...

Roman traditions amusing to study

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

November 5, 2019

   Ancient Rome is a truly fascinating society. This dead nation formed the base of western society today. On top of this, they had many interesting traditions.    One of my favorite rituals they had is the holiday of Saturnal...

Junior reveals cursed comments within ‘Publications Cave’

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

October 15, 2019

I have been on the newspaper staff for about a year now. This year we had seven veterans return to the staff of the newspaper. It is definitely an odd, chaotic group.    This year, we had five newbies join us. It seems these people have ...

Sophomore leads pack

Abby Finnlayson, Ad Manager

October 18, 2018

One sophomore on the boys’ cross country team particularly stands out. Seth Jarvis tells his story of why and how he fell in love with this sport.    He began running the summer after sixth grade. The reason he started was simp...

Seth Jarvis