Top 10 skillllzzzz to learn in high school

Haley Haines, News Editor

May 13, 2019


Many upperclassmen concerned with major lack of preparation for life

Allie Schnieder, Editorial Editor

May 13, 2019

Seniors, they have been in school for 13 years or maybe even longer. These 13 years have to been used to hopefully prepare them for what comes after high school: adulthood. Do these seniors feel ready for college or their adult...

Getting ready for school dance long, arduous process

Alex Rodriguez, Editorial Editor

May 14, 2018

   A little party may never hurt anybody, but sometimes preparing for it can be a bit of a struggle. Organizing this year’s Prom took the combined efforts of Ashley Haller—extended learning facilitator—Natalie Spangenberg—art teacher—and the Ju...

Baseball facilities require more prep work than most fans realize

Aaron Dees, Sports Editor

May 11, 2015

Many things must fall in to place in order to play a game of baseball. The conditions must be good and the field needs to be ready. How do you get a ball field ready for games? There is more to it than most people think. One important...