Issue #10: Dear Jane – Brother is obsessed with dinosaurs

Jane, Advice Giver

May 13, 2020

Dear Jane, I need help. BAD! My brother Dilan thinks he is a dinosaur. You might be thinking… “He’s young; let him imagine and have fun!” Well, Jane, I’m here to tell you he is 18 years old. Yes, 18. Ever since...

Student falls head over heels for already committed girl


March 11, 2020

   Dear Jane,        I am head over heels in love with this girl.    She is the best thing to grace this earth. I think about her when I wake up, when I go to bed, and every moment in between.    Only one thing turns these beautiful day dreams ...

Buddy begs amigo for one more chance

Jane Giovanni

January 27, 2020

Dear Jane,     I miss you. I miss what we had.    Do you remember when we ate squid tentacles at the aquarium?    When we drank orange juice on the beach in Canada last February?      Don't you miss the times?? L...

Bae confused by girlfriend’s silence

November 26, 2019

   Dear Jane,         I am in dire need of your help! Christmas is approaching quickly, and I have no clue what to get my girlfriend!    I tried to ask her, but all she keeps saying is "You don't need to get me a pres...

School Thief comes forward

November 5, 2019

Dear Jane,      It was me who stole Mrs. Hess' No. 5 calculator. I'm a kleptomaniac. I've stolen many things from the school.    I stole Mrs. Haselhuhn's rulers, Mrs. Loucks' USB cord and her hall passes. I've also stolen ...

Student freaked out over best friend fiasco

October 15, 2019

Dear Jane,        When I was in the eighth grade, I found a new best friend. For the sake of her confidentiality, I will call her Melani, or Man.    Man and I have always been attached at the hip. However, one day that all ch...

Theoretical question: is water wet?


January 30, 2018

Dear Jane, I am appalled at the horrendous lies being spread throughout BHS. To tell the truth, I find these rumors horribly offensive. To say that water is wet should be a crime. I once was a victim to the deceit that traps many,...

Strange skin spot puzzling

December 4, 2017

Dear Jane, I think I have a problem. I normally ignore these kinds of things, but necrotizing fasciitis sounds pretty scary to me. WebMD says that it kills fat, which I don't think sounds all that bad, but I've also noticed this...

Girls won’t shut up

October 17, 2017

Dear Jane, My 5th hour is driving me crazy! Every day, a small clique of girls sit together and talk to each other all hour. The teacher yells at them constantly, but they never stop. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the...

Sometimes telling the truth can be worse than lying to friends

You do not need to know, IDK

March 13, 2017

Dear Jane, Have you ever been in a situation that no matter what you do, some one's feelings are going to get hurt? Lately my group of friends has been declining. We never talk in our group chat or even face to face for that...

Dear Jane


December 6, 2016

Dear Jane, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I have the best boyfriend ever; he just asked me out on another date and I am so excited. He's such a sweetheart, and I don't know what I would do without him. He makes me so happy. I just want...

Girlfriends, food trump beau

Jane, Relationship Helper

October 18, 2016

Dear Jane, I need your advice on one of my so-called friends who broke the cardinal rule. Fries before guys. I don't understand what's wrong with her! Who would want to hang out with some guy when you could go get food with your...