New Planet Needed

Mckinley Anderson, Editorial Editor

Let’s talk about colonizing planets. Several years ago, The Martian came out, and it is all about if we could survive on another planet.

   Star Trek thought about this years ago, so it’s nothing new. We’re basically destroying Earth, so we will eventually have to try.

   There are so many space programs and wealthy people willing to spend big bucks for space exploration. They invest in hope of one day finding planets galaxies away.

   If we can figure out how to live somewhere besides earth, couldn’t we also move our polluting industries to an asteroid? Then earth would be cleaner, and we could keep it, along with the new planets.

   Some movies theorize what it would be like; for example, Avatar, Contact, WALL-E, Interstellar, and Passenger all explored this idea.

   One thing we will have to figure out first is space travel. What we mean by this is light years. Einstein has his theory of relativity; he thought about going to space a long time ago.

   The next question is, if we are looking for new planets because Earth is in a sense dying, won’t we ruin the other planet too?

   If we do that, then we would be like the aliens in the movie Independence Day. It shows bug-like creatures passing through planets and destroying them.

   Finally, if we ever figure out how to live on another planet, then the rich people that invested all of the money will just leave us.

   Who knows?  It is both exciting and depressing.