Club offers opportunities for aspiring tech students

Noelle Haselhuhn , Editor in Chief

Aaron Knowles works his computer at a meeting. (Photo: Lauren  Suter)
Aaron Knowles works his computer at a meeting. (Photo: Lauren Suter)

Out of all of the clubs that are offered in this school, one represents the tech-saavy students well. TSA, or Technology Student Association, participates in many activities that brings students of all years together. Their mission statement is, according to, “The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); members apply and integrate these concepts through co-curricular activities, competitions, and related programs.” This source continues to state its motto which is “Learning To Live in a Technical World.” Senior Austin Croll is president, senior Ty Skillman is vice president, junior Taylor Knowles is treasurer, and sophomore Taylr Bahr is the secretary. Senior Madisson Jesse is the Student Council representative as well. “Our club has a lot of activities throughout the year,” says Austin. One of the activities Austin mentioned was the LAN party. In gaming, LAN is an acronym for local area network. “The members bring their gaming systems and we have a huge event,” Austin said. He went on to say that at these parties, members are required to pay five dollars to receive a pizza meal. “LAN parties usually happen about once a year, and the location for these parties vary from year to year,” said Austin. Members of BHS TSA have also participated in a number of competitions over the years. “We still haven’t figured out the schedule for the year, but we have talked about going to competitions,” said junior Taylor Knowles. Austin said that last year he went to a coding contest. Ty said that in the past years, TSA has also hosted the video game room during Reindeer Games before winter break. If you are interested in technology, TSA is the club for you. Listen for their next homeroom meeting.