Softball players make new adjustments in order to play

Mckinley Anderson, Editorial Editor

This year the softball team has only had 20 players. It has been quite a challenge.

   For softball coaches and players have struggled with this issue. There are usually a lot more people, but numbers have been lower than usual.

   It has created some unique challenges to maintain a full varsity and junior varsity schedule.

    Athletic director/coach Dave Watkins says, ‘‘You might say, what’s the challenge? Nine players on the field and one sub for both varsity and junior varsity. ‘‘

  He also states, “Everything seems simple, right? Not so fast, this isn’t recreational softball; most players, by the time they reach the high school level, they have an established position, so there has been a lot of learning new positions, a lot of mixing individuals around and a lot of manipulating game counts so each level can complete their season.’’

   He then goes on to explain how the team had to move to new positions to fill everything and make it work. For example, they only had one catcher so start the season.

    ‘‘Now, throw on top of this the fact that most of the pitchers are also varsity level infielders or outfielders; we don’t have any pitchers for the JV level. In efforts to manage this, we converted our schedule to playing JV games on different nights than the varsity games.”

   This makes it to where some of the varsity pitchers can pitch on JV. Some players that play on varsity might not pitch on varsity, but they will pitch on the other squad.

   As hard as it has been on the coaching staff to manage this, it has been much more difficult for players. They have had to adapt and change every game to various positions just to help make sure BHS is covered.

   ‘‘I want to say thank you to all of them for being willing to do whatever it takes to make this season happen,’’ says Mr. Watkins.

The team jogs to warm up together before practice. Small numbers limited the number of squads and available positions. (Harley Alford)