Golfers practice drills to better match performance

Brylee Huber, Editor

BHS junior Parker McDaniel demonstrates the proper form for a distanced golf swing. (Brylee Davis)

   In the sport of golf, it is usually considered to consist of easy play during practice. However, there are many different drills they have to do to better prepare themselves for meets.

   Coach Dirk Over said, “Every single day we work on short game, which is chipping and putting. This is probably most important for your score.”

   Senior John Howard, who has played every year of his high school career, agreed. He said, “Chipping and putting drills [are] the most important. Basically, it’s 90 percent of your play.”

   They each went on to discuss that although long-distance is important, many, if not most, mistakes come close to the green.

   So, what do chipping and putting drills involve?

   According to, chipping is “a shot played from close to the green…that results in the ball popping briefly into the air, then hitting the ground and rolling forward toward the hole.”

   Golfers recommend using a wedge club, unless you are further from the hole. Then you use an iron.

   When making the hit, they must bring the club back a very short distance. Also, they must keep most weight on their front foot.

   “Putting is a golf stroke used with a club called a putter when you are on or just off the green,” according to

   The article also said, “The lower body remains still, and the shoulders move the arms to accelerate through the ball. How far back the club goes in the backswing determines how far the ball will roll.”