Athletes share relief felt due to returning baseball season

Teagan Harris, Sports Editor

   COVID took a lot of things away from the student body last year. Athletics was a really big one.

   A lot of teams felt the disappointment of not having a season. The baseball team, for example, barely had a one at all.

   One such student who felt this was senior Drue Thorp. Drue claims that he, along with his teammates, tried to stay optimistic before lockdown.

   “We thought it was going to be an extended spring break. We didn’t know we wouldn’t be coming back at all,” he says.

   Another senior who felt the same was Brady Rand. Brady notes that it was strange to be without practices and games taking up time.

   However, even though they were not at school, these players still worked on their fitness.

   Senior Braden Sloyer says, “Even though we weren’t really there, we tried to keep our bodies in shape by working out and stuff.”

   Now that the student body is back in school, so are their sporting teams. A lot of kids report being glad to have their seasons back.

   Braden has this to say about it: “I am glad we could come back for my senior year. Last year’s seniors had it really rough. I mean, imagine it being your last year [of high school] and you can’t even participate in what you love.”

When asked what the best part of coming back to have a season (and subtly steered toward the topic of senior Trevin Meyers), Brady said, “Trevin just being near us sometimes improved the way we play drastically.”

   Overall, these athletes are making the most of these improving circumstances.

Senior catcher Braden Sloyer sprints after a sky-high foul ball during a game against the Lyon County baseball team. (Brylee Davis)