Team deals with injured players at key positions

Eric Pabon, Entertainment Editor

The baseball team stretches before beginning their arm warmup. (Harley Alford)

   Baseball is upon Burlington High. America’s favorite past time, the classic gentleman’s sports has been around for nearly 152 years.

  Baseball is quite competitive in that it calls for an immense amount of focus. In addition to this, it requires a healthy mind and body.

   This year’s baseball team is experiencing a tough time when it comes to having healthy bodies.

   At the start of the season, there were four players whose practice time was limited due to injury.

   There are only four seniors on the team this year.

   Sadly, Brian Payer broke his wrist during the final game of his basketball season, leaving the baseball team down to three seniors.

   “Losing Brian is going to hurt because he can hit well and [he] makes shortstop look easy,” says junior Eli Crutchfield.

   “It really [stinks], man. It’s my last season, and I want to be out there with my brothers,” Brian says.

   “Next man up” is how the saying goes. The team will require people to step up.

   When asked if he was worried about the team, considering the injuries, sophomore Trenton Davison said, “No, I’m not. They’ll still be there to support the team, and we have others that will fill those spots.”

   Coach Charlie Whitworth has been coaching in Burlington for decades. He has dealt with a spectrum of issues in his years.

   “We talk about controlling the controllable. Injuries happen and we can’t control that as players or coaches.    

   “You have to move on and work with what you have. Everyone needs to step up and be ready to play.”