School decides on updated COVID health regulations for spring sports

Mckinley Anderson, Editorial Editor

The softball team stretches in a huddle before practice. They were discussing their opinions for new mask mandates this season. (Harley Alford)

   This year, BHS is getting to play spring sports. The question is whether there should be limits on attendees due to COVID or not.

   Athletic director Dave Watkins says, “The rules will be the same for all of the spring sports.” There will not have to be masks worn when watching a softball game.

   At least, this will be true most of the time. The only time that anyone will have to wear one is in high traffic areas.

   For the players, this would be the dugout. For the fans, this would be the restrooms and concessions.

   Senate Bill 40 changes the power of who has control. It is now not in the  government’s control, but it is the school’s decision.

   Starting April 1, the schools will decide whether or not they want the kids to wear masks. This goes for sports and in-school time.

   The schools will most likely continue the mandate because the government could cut off some of the money the school gets if they do not.

   Along with mask rules, there are some rather unsettling regulations when the game is happening. If someone hits a home run, teammates are not supposed to leave the dugout to congratulate him/her.

   The umpires will have to wear their masks in-between innings.   

   The coaches also have to wear one the whole game, unless they are out on the field doing base-coaching.