P.E. classes offer lifetime sports opportunities

Allison Schneider, News Editor

The rigorous sport of Cornhole is one that you will most likely see at tailgates, summer camps, or cookouts.

   However, this game extends out to more than just recreation.

   In the P.E. classes, students have taken up this sport in conjunction with their badminton unit. This is to give everyone something to do once there is not enough space or equipment for everyone to play badminton.

   PE teacher John Petrie describes Cornhole as a skill-based game where a player tries to toss the bag into the board opposite of them. The bag is either supposed to land on the board or in the hole.

   If the bag lands on the board, it is one point, and if it gets in the hole, it is three points.

   The way to win is to get 21 points. They play, where if you go over 21, you bust and go back down to 11 points.

   Mr. Petrie is happy he is able to bring this to the school. “It’s one of those lifetime activities you can play in public and at tournaments.”

   Some students are taking their enjoyment for Cornhole by participating in out-of-school tournaments.

   One of these students is sophomore Grant Hegg. He will be participating in a benefit tournament in Gridley.

   What has attracted him most to it is the competitive spirit that is brought out in people when they play.

   As Cornhole climbs the ranks in  BHS, keep an eye out and maybe it will be the next best Olympic sport.

Juniors celebrate a win. (Brylee Davis)