Girls’ basketball team bids lone senior farewell

Mckinley Anderson, Editorial Editor

   In most sports, there are a handful of seniors each year on varsity. This year, there was only one on the girl’s basketball team by the end of the season.

   “It was hard not having other seniors to play with. Usually, you would have other classmates to start and finish the sport with,” says senior Myka Watkins.

   Of course, there are senior managers. They may not be in the game, but they are still part of the team. They have the same connections as if they were on the team.

   Senior Addison Varvel states, “Myka pushed herself every day to better herself and the team. She gave them a very encouraging person to look up to.”

   With each year of sports, there is always someone leaving. Most times, it will emotionally affect the underclassmen.

   “She always makes me laugh and  she loves my singing. I am going to miss how hard working and determined she is,” says junior Madison Coursen.

   Junior Jentri Conkle also states, “She is an amazing leader and is a very hardworking player.”

   There is always the pain in player’s hearts when it gets to the end of the season. The seniors, or in this case, senior, is leaving forever.

   The 2020-2021 girls basketball team will notice Myka’s absence, and all of her skills that go with her.

   “I am not going to continue my basketball career after high school, so I will miss it,” she says.

BHS guard Myka Watkins brings the basketball down the court. (Harley Alford)