Girls discuss playing both travel, school-sponsored sports

Abby Crutchfield, Editorial Editor

   There are a lot of girls who play basketball in Burlington. Most play for the school, and a few play on travel teams.

   Junior Caydence Doebele has played for both travel and school teams. She says that there is always a special bond between players on any type of team.

   Although she used to play on a travel squad, Caydence now just plays for the school. She says that with her school team, she has a special relationship with the other girls because they do not just see each other at practice but during class as well.

   With her travel team, Caydence and her teammates bonded through basketball instead of other activities or classes. This was different than the school team because they did not really see each other outside of the sport.

   Another difference between high school and travel ball is how they are coached. Often, coaches vary their style depending on the level of basketball they are coaching.

   When playing school and travel ball, players can find it hard to switch between coaches, especially when they have different expectations of players.

   Sophomore Harlee Young currently plays on both types of teams. She says that travel ball is a lot more fast paced. “I was playing like four games a day,” she says.

   Harlee likes it though, because it is usually more competitive and people are more focused. She also likes that she has close friends on her travel team.

   Aside from actually playing basketball, Harlee likes that she gets to go to different states. She also has had the chance to meet a lot of different people because of the sport.

   Travel ball and high school ball are two completely different experiences, but they can both be great.

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