Wrestler shares her experience within mat sport

Abby Crutchfield, Entertainment Editor

As many of you sports fanatics may know, women’s wrestling has become a lot more popular over the last year or two. Many girls (myself included) have joined the sport without really knowing what they were signing up for.
Therefore, I thought I’d let everybody know some of the stuff that happens during wrestling.
First of all, I can’t think of another school-approved sport where you’re allowed to beat people up. If you slam a girl on ground during a basketball game, you might get in a little bit of trouble, but, in wrestling, that kind of thing is actually encouraged as long as your moves are legal.
Aside from the whole beating people to a pulp thing, wrestling can be pretty relaxed. Sometimes there’s even time for a quick power nap between matches.
When I don’t have time for a nap, I usually listen to music, get a snack, or cheer on my teammates. One of the good things about wrestling is that there’s usually time to watch the other people on your team.
If you go to a dual, where two schools wrestle each other, you get to watch everyone’s matches. This is good because it shows support for your team. It’s also a great opportunity to learn. It’s a good time to take mental notes on what and what not to do.
Another thing that is crucial in order to get better is to watch yourself in your own matches. The managers record all of the matches so that you can look over them later.
If you can see yourself, you can see what things you did well and what things you messed up on. This makes it so much easier to correct yourself at practice.
On a normal day of practice, the boys and girls split up. Since I’ve never gone over with the boys, I’ll just talk about what goes on over on the girls’ side of the mats.
Usually we go over different moves and technique. Then we practice with partners and ask the coaches if we need any help.
Sometimes, everyone on the team practices together when we do conditioning. But that usually involves a whole lot of running, which is not very fun.