Foreign language group adds much to BHS

Teagan Harris, Sports Editor

   Spanish Club is sponsored by Spanish teacher Sam Samuelson. It has roughly 30 members and has been around a very long time.

   This year’s officers include president Myka Watkins, V.P. Aleesia Hernandez, secretary Josie Stadel, treasurer Sierra Haddock, and Stuco rep. Carson Hess.

   In Spanish Club, they enjoy cultural presentations, eat lots of candy, and play many games. Mr. Samuelson likes to focus on Spanish holidays and traditions.

   “That’s the whole point,” he says, “to learn about culture. It’s not a true Spanish Club if you don’t get to experience the beautiful traditions of it.”

   While the group does not compete, they find other ways to challenge each other and have fun.

   In the past, he would usually hold a hot-pepper eating competition. If Mr. Samuelson cannot find any peppers, he will make paper flowers with his students.

   They often did movie nights in the past.

   They would stay at the school and watch new or old favorite Spanish movies.

   However, due to Covid-19, they cannot do a lot of activities that they used to do.

   This includes games that require any type of physical contact, and even going to the movie theater.

   The Spanish Club prides itself in being inclusive and accepting.

   “I see the club as for everyone. It is not the kind of club that will penalize you if you miss a meeting.

   “It’s also open to anyone in the school!” Mr. Samuelson explains.