Basketball team required to don facial coverings

Jacob Dugar, Editor

Winter sports events may be on the rise, but so is the number of COVID-19 cases. Because of this unfortunate fact, all boys’ basketball players must wear masks during both practices and games.
Masks and sports generally do not mix, as the players are already sweating and breathing heavily; a mask would just make everything more difficult.
So, how do the players feel about having to wear these coverings? Senior Braden Sloyer had this to say about the situation.
“Practicing in masks hasn’t been horrible. You get used to them after a practice or two, but it does get hard to breathe when they fill with sweat.”
There are some positives to the masks besides preventing the spread of COVID-19.
According to junior Max Kuhlmann, their negative effects cause him to stay more hydrated.
“The constant taste of cloth, which isn’t great, makes me drink a lot, but it is something that we have to do to play.”
Overall, though, the masks are not a pleasant article to have to wear.
Junior Jayme Wagner said that it makes practicing much more difficult, as they not only have to breathe through them, but also have to remember to keep them up.
He also said, “It really stinks because every time you breathe in, you get a mouthful of cloth. As much as I hate it, though, I know it is needed so that we don’t have to quarantine again. It’s something that I know we have to do in order to continue playing. So, in the end, it is worth it.”

The boys mask up to keep themselves and others on the bench safe during this time of quarantining in all sports. (Harley Alford)