School finds clever ways to include senior parents

Teagan Harris, Sports Editor

During these uncertain times, there’s only so much we can do to support our sports teams. With the new ban on spectators, it’s even harder.

   On top of that, athletes, coaches, and teachers alike are all incredibly stressed due to these conditions. There’s only so much anyone involved in sports can do to help as well.

   Some coaches have given parents a clever way to watch their children, though; it includes giving these coaches official jobs during wrestling duels and tournaments, so they can be in the room.

    Wrestling coach Michael Vander Linden says, “Giving them things to do there, like working tables or taking pictures, lets them have to opportunity to be there for their kids. It’s really the only way other than watching the livestream.”

   While viewing online is an option, not everyone is able to. It is, as stated by many wrestlers, much easier and more precious to them if their loved ones are there in person.

   Like Coach Mike [Vander Linden] said, some of this work includes working tables, which is when you operate the scoreboard. My own sisters have done this to see me cheer.

   The other job mentioned was photography. Senior Bryleigh Isch’s mom took pictures at the Meet the Cats duel.

   Wrestling cheer coach Michelle Vander Linden added her input as well: “We’re doing everything we can to make sure these young athletes know their parents or guardians are there for them.”