Ladycats build strong foundation this season

Jacob Dugar, Editor

Girls basketball players wait patiently on the bench and support their team. (Brylee Davis)

   As the weather continues to grow cold, the girls’ basketball team trains and plays their hearts out (when not quarantined).

   Those that have watched the games before might have wondered what the strategy is of the head coach Doug Stewart.

   He believes that time spent after school is the best “say” for play time. “It depends on where they’re at in practice.”

   There is no bias in who goes out on the court in game, so long as they show up to practices.

   Grade does not have a say in the selection process, either. If they play well enough, a freshman could be on the varsity team.

   Hard work is the biggest defining factor in his book. “People earn their own playing time.”

   He does like to ensure that his players versatile and ready for any situation, though.

   If everybody knows two or three positions, then he will be happy.

   He wants to keep the parts of his basketball machine interchangeable in case of injuries or, for this year, quarantine.

   This is especially important this year, as the team does not have any extreme fall sport players.

   Overall, though, the team is built on trust, and he wants to be able to trust every player for both the offense and defense side of the game.