BHS wrestlers explain how specific drills they use for practice contribute to the team’s overall success

Madaline Turner, Sports Editor

Meet the Cats is an example of another form of drilling certain skills. (Harley Alford)

   Wrestling is a popular sport all around the world, but many people do not realize the hard work that takes place behind the scenes.

   At practices, the athletes use drills to help build a strong foundation in order to pin their opponents in their upcoming matches.

   Junior Deric Cole says, “We use different kinds of training in order to help us prepare for the season.”

   He also describes what it is like to have a realistic situation. “We practice different scenarios that would most likely occur in a match. Our partners put forth 70 percent of their effort, while we go full out.”

   This method allows the wrestlers to be able to adapt quickly if their opponent gains an advantage over them.

   “Another thing we work on is explosive training,” he adds. This type of training involves the wrestlers pushing themselves harder than they ever have for short periods of time.

   Deric says this is a necessary skill because you need to be able to “explode” from the mat in order to gain points.

   By enduring exercise, the athletes build up confidence and feel more capable during a real match.

   Sophomore Abby Crutchfield also explains, “Conditioning is also imperative. We do exercises like jump-roping, running, and practicing our moves daily in order to get into shape.”

   Deric says that conditioning is essential to success. “It doesn’t matter if your opponent appears to be twice your size; if you put in the work, you know you can do it.”