Basketball players take on many responsibilities

Brylee Huber, Editor

   Both sports and jobs take up tremendous amounts of time in students’ lives, and some basketball players are finding themselves with both responsibilities.

   One such student is junior Evan Combs, who has worked at Subway for a few months.

   He said, in relation to having to take off every week night, “Shifts at Subway usually start at 5:00 and practice gets out at 6:00 on a good day, so it just wouldn’t work out.”

  This causes other employees to have to work on the weekdays, so only one or two workers can play basketball or do one particular sport at one time.

   Some players, however, avoid working altogether because of these reasons.

   Junior Tanner Noonan actually tried to get a job at Subway, but was not hired once the manager heard that he had commitments to basketball.

   Time commitment seems to be the largest factor when it comes to these two activities.

   Tanner said, “It [stinks] not getting home until 10:00.”

   These commitments also leave the players stuck with far less time to complete assignments.

   Evan said, “With basketball and work, homework can be very hard to get to, but with CAP, I usually get stuff done.”

   Junior Max Kuhlmann has similar issues with his job as a lifeguard; however he still succeeds.

Junior Evan Combs drowns in his homework. (Harley Alford)