Multi-sport participants diligently prepare for season during transitionary break

Madaline Turner, Sports Editor

Is Dead Week really dead? If you ask the girls preparing for the upcoming basketball season, it most certainly is not.

   For those who are new to the term, it is a required resting period set for those who compete in two sports season in a row.

   However, most players take this time to get ready for their next activity.

   Junior Caydence Doeble says, “I go on runs to help try and keep myself in shape so that I do not die at practice.”

   Other members of the team also put in time working at the rec center before practices start.

   One of the biggest things they train for is the first week of conditioning.

   The girls get as much running in as possible to ready themselves for the infamous sprints and full court drills.

   “Some go up to the track and treadmills to try and get into shape before the first day starts… even though we are still dying at practice,” adds junior Miranda Meats.

   They also use tricks to help them survive the first couple days.

   Junior Karlie Whitworth mentions, “I bring my old basketball shoes for the first week of practice.”

   She points out that if you try to break your new shoes in during the first week, your feet will get very sore.

   Whichever methods the girls use to prepare for the future drills, they are still hard at work behind the scenes during Dead Week.

   This applies to many athletes at this high school.

Junior Jentri Conkle lets loose a free throw during the first game of the 2020-2021 season, during Meet the Cats (Brylee Davis)