Runners have favorite courses. Each offers various perks

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

Aleesia Hernandez competes at her favorite meet at John Redmond Reservoir. (Yearbook Staff)

cross country team traveled to a variety of places throughout the year. Some arenas are more likable than others.

   Senior Myka Watkins enjoyed the Rim Rock course, which is located just outside Lawrence. She explained that she loves the atmosphere of it, and the course itself is very gorgeous.

   Sophomore Lillyan Gerow shares Myka’s favorite course of Rim Rock.

   “…It’s tough to run, and I like to run tough courses; it makes me a better runner, and I can improve my time,” she explained.

   In addition to this, she enjoyed the massive amount of competition she faced there.

   Senior Aleesia Hernandez’s favorite was the home course.

   “I feel more familiar with Redmond. I liked to know where the course was before I ran it, so I knew when I was close to the finish.”

   Anderson County’s course happens to be the one she found the most unfavorable, thanks to its numerous hills.   

   Junior M.J. Huff’s preferred trail was Wellsville.

    It was one that she got to go to often, and she enjoyed the trial it put her through.

   Cross country has a path for everyone to enjoy.

   That is what makes this sport incredibly dynamic to all of its participants