Burlington coaches exhibit proper Covid measures

Teagan Harris, Sports Editor

“It makes me understand the hashtag ‘#theseuncertaintimes,’” football and wrestling coach Tim Johnson shared, when asked how these new and unfortunate situations make him feel.

   There has been a lot of debate recently concerning COVID-19 and how it’s affecting sports teams. The main concern is whether or not schools should continue their seasons.

   With cases still rising in our county, precautions are needed to keep kids out of quarantine. A lot of us are wondering, though, if precautions will be enough to keep us safe.

   Mr. Johnson assures that they are taking many steps to protect his team, including masks being mandatory when they’re not active, equipment being thoroughly cleaned, and the list goes on and on.

   It hurts, in a way, to think about what could happen if our school were to shut down, or even just if athletic seasons were cancelled.

   Some people are unaware of the positive effects that being a part of a team can have on a teen. Participating in sports can improve not only physical heath, but mental health as well.

   So, if athletics are cancelled, what could happen to us? It’s more likely for teens to become depressed or fall into an unmotivated slump.

   “This applies to not only sports, but  any activity, really,” Mr. Johnson stated.  “Activities in general are what keep lots of kids coming to school. When you take that away,  the effects can be heartbreaking.”

   Yes, this pandemic is a terrible thing.

   However, if we are really taking proper safety measures to protect our students and staff, we should be able to continue loving these teams we are a part of.