Runners share favorite life lessons from coach

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

by Seth Jarvis

   One of the central parts of cross county in Burlington are the inspirational speeches that coach Bart Kuhlmann occasionally gives. Here are what a few of the male members of the team had to say about them.

   Freshman Tucker Wright’s most inspiring moment occurred last year. Tucker explained that he had been going to pre-season workouts all through last year. Coach Kuhlmann congratulated him on his hard work, and he managed to improve and make it to State with the rest of the team.

   Junior Ty Anderson has also been motivated by these statements.

   “For me, it was telling us seniors and juniors that we only have one or two years left and to make it count. He knows some of us are there not because we like cross country, but because we want to be better.”

   Senior Braedon Berkenmeir’s favorite is the “monster on the shoulder metaphor.” Essentially, Coach Kuhlmann frequently tells runners that there is a beast on their shoulder that they need to stop listening to it. The runner’s job is to ignore the monster and “flick” it off their shoulder.

   Braedon also stated he enjoys how energetic Coach Kuhlmann is when he works people up. He added that he feels fired up after a speech from the coach.

   Junior Eli Crutchfield’s personal favorite is the Badger analogy. Like a badger, a runner must work to claw his way to victory within a race. Talks such as these help get him ready to go for a run.   

   “Things like this just motivate me and I feel like I’m going to do a lot better. I’m very nervous before races, so this helps me feel better before them,” freshman Parker Parsons states, explaining why he enjoys these speeches.

   He also added that he does much better thanks to these calls to action. Without them, he believes he would stop running far more often.

   Junior Elliott Burns holds similar ideas. These dialogues motivate him to the point where he thinks he must die in a race in order to make Coach Kuhlmann happy.

   He strongly motivates many of the members of the cross country team. It spices up the sport for everyone involved.

Coach Bart Kuhlmann gives an inspirational speech to seniors Seth Jarvis and John Howard, using a State shirt. (PHOTO: Brylee Davis) (Brylee Davis)