KSHSAA decides to give schools season choices

Mckinley Anderson, Editorial Editor

Burlington High School does not always do what the state recommends. KSHSAA gave Kansas schools the option to have fall sports in the spring.

   Was that considered for this school?“The plan is we’re going to hold our season, and the only reason we wouldn’t is if we have to cancel a certain amount of games; then we would switch,” says Stacy Reed, principal.

   AD Dave Watkins says, “We’re going to do everything we can to do things as normal as possible. For example, most of Silver Lakes football staff and players were forced to quarantine because of COVID, and they suspended their season for two weeks.”

   “They are going to try not to switch fall sports. If all of the teams in the league started canceling games, it would also be an option because there would not be anyone for BHS to play,” adds Mr. Watkins.

   Mr. Reed then says, “The only benefit would be if we had to cancel our sports because of COVID.” There is truly no benefit if you played a fall sport; it might overlap with a spring sport, which is not a good thing for many girls.

   Most students such as Addison Varvel would agree that the sports colliding would not be fun. She says, “It is my senior year, and having the last two weeks of volleyball overlap the first two weeks of softball would not be anything I would want.”

   It would at least give our players a chance to play if they were not able to at a normal time, Mr. Watkins pointed out.

   There is a catch. “If we cancel before the fourth game, then we are able to switch, but once we have four games, we can’t move the season,” says Mr. Reed.

   Has he heard from other school that did that? A lot of KC sports moved theirs to the spring because of COVID-19, and Wichita has had some of the same discussions.

   Mr. Watkins adds, “Some of the Kansas City schools such as Shawnee Mission, Olathe, and Blue Valley, are currently suspended. Their final decision on their season would be made Sept. 8.”