Athletes put in extra time

Allie Schneider, News Editor

Sports for many students is much more than just a hobby. These are activities that can help shape their future, keep them in school, or even save their lives. No matter the reason, many students at Burlington will go above and beyond for their sport.

   When a student pushes himself for his sport, it shows. Some may run extra after practice, or others may do camps during the off-season. No matter what it is, the work pays off.

   Senior Seth Jarvis is an example of this. He puts in great effort for cross country in and out of season. On most afternoons, he can be seen jogging around town.

   “I run around 55 miles a week,” he says.

   He trains not only during the school year but through the summer, too. Six out of seven days, you can find him running around seven miles. This hard work pays off as you can tell with his 17:06 5k run.

   He also has participated in camps to further this success. Seth’s drive to work this hard is to claim that State Championship win.

   Another student who raises the bar is senior Caedon Berkenmeier. He commits most of his time to wrestling. This takes a lot of preparing out of season, which includes weightlifting, working on his core strength, and lots of cardio.

   Along with all of this, he does many camps in and out of season. Some of these are the team ones, but not all.

   One of his favorites he has attended is the Jeff Jordan State Camp. It is in Ohio, and he has gone for the last two years.

   It is a week-long overnight endeavor. What keeps Caedon going back is the people who run it. “The staff are amazing people who really care, and the technique they teach is top notch,” he says.

   His love for this sport is what pushes him to go even further with it. When he gets on the mat, he commits his whole self to be the best he can be.